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 St.Mark’s & St. Andrew’s Salisbury

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Preaching is an important way of learning how to apply the Bible’s teaching to everyday life. The preaching team comprises a variety of people with different styles and voices.

The ‘listen again’ buttons make recent sermons more widely accessible. Recordings are usually deleted after a month, but are still available from the webmaster.


20th May Pentecost Rev.Matt Earwicker’s last sermon here


Choices 1 Sam.8 &Mark 3:20ff Pennant Jones 10th June


My ways are not your ways Mark 4:26-34 17th June


The Storms of life Mark 4:35-41 John Bartlett 24th June


Ed’s last sermon ‘Dimensions of God’s love’

‘Challenges to those who bring God’s word’ Ezek.2 Mk.6 Phil Clements

Edsfarewell.mp3 iKey_002.mp3

Jesus the Bread of Life Jo Inman John 6:25ff